Protecting life’s biggest investment – your home – with JMD

How much coverage do I need?

Your home is one of the largest purchases you’ll ever make. Its financial importance is undeniable but, unlike other investments, it is also where your family’s life happens.

When it comes time to insure such an important asset and part of life, it makes sense to shop around. But who has the time and expertise? We do and as an independent agency, JMD is set up to work for YOU, not any one provider.

At JMD our agents are trained to find the best possible homeowners coverage for you at the lowest possible price, no matter your claims history. We also offer landlord insurance, mobile home insurance, and renters insurance.

We consider:

  • Factors that can affect your rates such as your home’s age, size, location and susceptibility to natural disasters.
  • Features and improvements that can increase the amount of coverage needed such as remodels, additions, pools, trampolines and wood burning stoves.
  • Features and improvements that can decrease the amount of coverage needed such as security systems and safety-enhancing updates to roofs, plumbing, electrical and heating systems.
  • Types and amounts of insurance you may need ranging from the basics—enough to cover a complete rebuild of your house where it stands now plus adequate personal liability insurance—to add-ons like flood and earthquake insurance, valuables insurance and “umbrella” insurance.
  • A range of top carriers to identify the best provider for you.

Weighing premiums and deductibles:

Once we identify the best possible coverage and carrier for you, JMD will help you determine the most cost effective approach to premiums and deductibles.

Generally speaking, higher deducible plans are seen as lower risk by providers which means they come with the benefit of lower monthly premiums. Conversely, lower deductible plans are seen as higher risk by providers resulting in higher monthly premiums.

For more on premiums and deductibles visit our FAQ page.


Ask us about additional ways to save including:

  • Getting credit for safety-enhancing features and improvements
  • Bundling your Homeowners and Auto policies
  • Taking advantage of JMD’s FREE policy review offer to ensure you are not ‘over-insured’

Simply bring in your existing policy’s declarations page and we will price check it against 15 different carriers to uncover the most competitive package for you.

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