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Mobile Home Insurance

Your investment into your mobile home is very important to you. That also means your investment is important to us too! Insure your mobile home against damage! Life can be unpredictable, get mobile home protection from the best. A mobile home is still a home regardless of how it was manufactured and its mobility.

Homeowners insurance and mobile insurance share similarities but mobile home insurance has specialized coverage. Homes that are modular may be placed on a permanent foundation and need specialized coverage. Modular homes are also covered by standard homeowner policies like dwelling coverage, belongings, and liability coverage.


Dwelling coverage gives you the ability to repair or replace the physical structure of your mobile home, like a roof or siding, when it’s been damaged by weather events such as a hailstorm or lightning strikes. Dwelling insurance can help pay for the repairs or replacement you’d need.


People can’t be replaced but belongings can! If lost or damaged in a covered event, your personal property like furniture, clothes, and electronics can be replaced and paid for by belonging coverage. If a possession like jewelry, rare artwork, or any high priced valuables are lost or damaged, it will take more time for your policy to reimburse you.


Personal liability coverage can cover mobile home owners from responsibility for someone else’s injury or damaged property. For example, if a ball gets thrown through a neighbor’s window, liability coverage will pay for the replacement of that window.

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  • Getting credit for safety-enhancing features and improvements
  • Bundling your Homeowners and Auto policies
  • Taking advantage of JMD’s FREE policy review offer to ensure you are not ‘over-insured’

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