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What are my business insurance needs?

It’s important for every business owner to have business insurance. Making sure that you are receiving all the coverage that your business requires is critical. This will provide company protection for buildings, vehicles, employees, and activities.

As an independent agency, our agents at JMD are trained to help. We are not set up to work for any one provider, we are here to work your business. You will receive the best comprehensive business coverage. Provided at the lowest price, the service you require will be set up for your company’s unique needs and size.

Types of coverage:

There are four types of Business Coverage to choose from. Our description will show you each type of coverage and when you’ll need that coverage

  • Business auto policies can cover roadside assistance, liability, comprehensive and collision coverage, and rental reimbursement.
  • Cars, trucks, fleets of cars/trucks and other vehicles can be covered by the policies.
  • Some form of business auto insurance is required if a vehicle is used to perform business tasks beyond traveling.
  • Like homeowners insurance, this type of insurance can protect your buildings from damaging losses. 
  • This policy can cover all types of businesses, from offices, boutiques and restaurants to body shops, gyms and warehouses. 
  • Owning your company’s buildings will require you to need commercial building coverage.
  • General liability insurance provides liability coverage against common torts that are encountered by small business owners.
  • Policies cover third party suites for:
    • Bodily injury
    • Property damage
    • Advertising/personal injury
  • Every business owner needs a general liability policy. Some businesses may also require a business owners policy (“BOB”). Business owners policy includes general liability, property and business interruptions insurance.
  • Coverage is essential should an accident occur while a staffer is working. Business owners are responsible for the risks their employees take in doing their jobs.
  • Workers compensation insurance (“worker’s comp”) covers all work-related issues which includes slip-and falls, car accidents, and death. Coverage can also help with medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation, death and funeral costs and accident-related legal fees.
  • Workman’s comp coverage is essential for all small business owners. Our agents can help you determine just how much you need.

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